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Manufacturing Business Hub

Discover PIC – Pointe-Noire

The Plateformes Industrielles du Congo – Pointe Noire is a well-integrated industrial zone with world-class infrastructure services to provide a holistic business environment to manufacturing businesses. The Industrial Zone of Pointe Noire is set to become a hub for industrialization and a center for economic activities in the country. The economic development of the central African country has been under way for many years. The industrial zone is meant to further boost this development by transforming raw materials in the country and creating local jobs.

The Plateformes Industrielles du Congo – Master Plan of Pointe Noire

Why invest in PIC – Pointe-Noire

Administrative structure

The administrative structure of PICP has been designed to support businesses operating within the zone and help them succeed. The administrative authority in PICP is the Agency of Planning, Promotion and Development (APPD) of Special Economic Zones, in charge of ensuring conformity with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Congo by the investors and units operating in the Zone.

From facilitating day to day businessrelated activities to providing access to a large workforce, PICP offers a comprehensive administrative solution to all businesses operating inside the zone. 

  • Single Window Clearance for all government-related work, obtaining permits and approvals
    Our single window clearance can save businesses time and money by reducing the number of interactions they have with government agencies and eliminating the need to deal with multiple agencies separately. By dealing with a single point of contact, businesses can avoid the complexity and confusion of navigating multiple agencies and regulatory procedures. 

Infrastructure facilities

The Plateformes Industrielles du Congo – Pointe Noire is a microcosm of one of the most developed infrastructure systems. Some of them are:

Doorstep connection of key utilities: electricity, water, internet, drainage system, etc.
River port inside the zone to facilitate transport of goods,
Fire station, police station, medical center, etc.
Cleared, flat and sound land ready for construction
Internal road network,

Key investment sectors

PIC – Oyo industrial zone is brimming with business opportunities