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The Plateformes Industrielles du Congo (PIC) is a Public Private Partnership between the Republic of Congo Government (30%) and Arise IIP (70%) focused on the strategic development of the Congolese economy.


Our zones



The Plateformes Industrielles du Congo – Pointe Noire is a well-integrated industrial zone with world-class infrastructure services to provide a holistic business environment to ambitious businesses. The Industrial Zone of Pointe Noire is set to become a hub for industrialization and a centre for economic activities in the country. The economic development of the central African country has been under way for many years. The industrial zone is meant to further boost this development by transforming raw materials in the country and creating local jobs.




The Plateformes Industrielles du Congo – Oyo is a special integrated industrial zone developed with the intention to facilitate rapid economic growth of the Congolese economy, by generating strong economic activities that are focused on both sustainability and competitiveness.
The zone takes in strong commitment and practicality from all the involved stakeholders to ensure improved delivery of goods and services. We assist our partners in their sustainable operations, while encouraging them to expand their categories.


President’s vision for congo’s industrial development

The 2021-2026 Social project of the Republic of Congo is focused on the industrialization of the country.
The implementation of this ambitious plan – to structurally transform our economy – is based on the development of four existing special economic zones (SEZs), including: Pointe-Noire, Brazzaville, Ollombo-Oyo and Ouesso.
In the same vein, the Government of the Republic chose the development of SEZs as the third pillar of the National Development Plan (NDP) 2022-2026.
Consequently, to prioritize and involve the local labor in the construction of the Pointe-Noire Special Economic Zone, 350 young people were called to receive training in Construction, thus obtaining the necessary skills required to fully contribute to the realization of our nation’s plan.

His Excellency Monsieur Denis SASSOU N’GUESSO


About republic of Congo

The Republic of Congo is a country located in Central Africa with huge potential and countless opportunities. The country’s vast equatorial rainforests are home to one of the most prized timber species in Africa.

  • 70% of Republic of Congo is forest land
  • 3rd Largest exporter of roundwood in Africa
  • 4th Largest exporter on timber products in Africa
  • 4th Largest oil producer in Gulf of Guinea

Key Investment Opportunities in PIC Congo