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Dear Business Associates,

Greetings from ARISE IIP!

We look forward to your participation in ‘RFP for the Civil and Electrical works including installation of structure, fixing of ACP cladding works for Welcome Gate for Plateformes Industrielles du Congo, Pointe Noire on item rate basis contract.’

The brief scope is as follows for your quick reference:

The Scope of Work is Construction of Welcome gate Including Civil, Electrical, Structural and ACP cladding works on item rate basis as per attached BOQ for welcome Gate at PICP, Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo including handing over of project site after completion shall be in scope of Contractor, which shall be strictly in accordance with the Design & Technical Specifications as finalized by Employer. The Scope of Work inter-alia shall include all materials, labour, plant & machinery, tools, tackles, apparatus, construction & supervision of Works including works that may be required during DLP for successful completion of Scope of Work.

Any work not specifically mentioned but required for successful completion of Scope of Work shall be done by contractor without any additional cost. Contractor shall comply with all the statutory and local requirements and shall ensure that it has all required licenses and clearances (including but not limited to environmental) to execute the Works.

Below are important resources to read and refer to before submitting the proposal:

Welcome Gate – Civil & Cladding Work BOQ
Welcome Gate – Architectural, Electrical & Service Drawings
Welcome Gate – Foundation Structure
Welcome Gate – Civil Works and Erection

Request the submission of your proposal through email latest by 10th Aug’23.