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ARISE have a strong and growing presence within the West African Region with execution of several infrastructure projects including two ports, one Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Gabon Estuary and port construction projects at San Pedro (Cote D’Ivoire) and Nouakchott (Mauritania).

ARISE has successfully operationalized Special Economy Zones in Gabon, Togo and Benin. ARISE looks forward to develop-ment of Industrial zones on the behest and PPP partnership with the respective governments to enrich country with enhanced employment capability and more either earning FOREX or saving Forex in terms of local production of goods and essentials for the use of the population.

PICP, local entity of ARISE has been mandated to carry out the design/engineering and management of a Platform Industrial Congo Pointe Noire (“the Project”). ARISE undertake to develop the roject within the framework of a Public-Private partnership with the Republic of the Congo Government. The PICP is primarily intended to alleviate the pressure on the industrial zones around the economic centres of the country and will also promote the followings:

  • The development of competitive industrial infrastructures in the country for the transformation of the major Timber based products;
  • PICP has been allocated land for the development of essential infrastructure, to accommodate the various industries inside the zone. In view of this, ARISE will manage the industrial park and within which various industries will oversee operating and managing its own installations.

Scope of bid

PICP is inviting “RFP for the Design & Construction of Marketing Office with external area development including access road, Car parking, Kitchen + cafeteria with Portico at PICP, Pointe Noire, Republic of the Congo.”
The brief scope of work (SoW) is as follows for your quick reference:

  • Construction of Marketing office with external area development including access road, Car Parking, Kitchen + Cafeteria with Portico at PICP, Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo.
  • Entire Scope of Work from Design, Architecture, Structural approval along with 3D View’s, Priced bill of Quantities and execution after approval from Employer, handing over of project site after completion shall be in scope of Contractor, which shall be strictly in accordance with the Design & Technical Specifications as finalized.
  • The Scope of Work inter-alia shall include all materials, labour, plant & machinery, tools, tackles, apparatus, construction & supervision of Works including works that may be required during DLP for successful completion of Scope of Work.
  • Any work not specifically mentioned but required for successful completion of Scope of Work shall be done by contractor without any additional cost.
  • Contractor shall comply with all the statutory and local requirements and shall ensure that it has all required licenses and clearances (including but not limited to environmental) to execute the Works.

Request the submission of your proposal through email latest by 20th Jun’23. All assumptions etc. needs to be brought out separately along with this bid submission.

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